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What is Mage Quest?

Mage Quest will be an online learning platform aimed at getting more developers up and running with Magento 2 via a wide variety of learning resources and challenges.

Whilst it's generally aimed at newcomers to the platform there will be content relevant to developers of all experience levels

With a focus on fun (via some gamification) the aim is to offer an enjoyable (and beneficial) learning experience through engaging and relevant content.


Magento 2 can be a complex beast and for those new to the platform it can be an intimidating experience. Whilst there are other learning resources already available and many community contributors putting out great content there is lack of structured / tailored courses that provide clear progression paths as well as tutorials that contain 'real world' examples.

In addition to the above the Magento ecosystem is also growing, it's anticipated jobs at Magento Solution Partners will increase to 36,000 by 2020, over 3 times the 11,000 in 2016*, and a large proportion of these roles will be development or technically focused.

* Sherrie Rohde - Building an Inclusive Magento Community #mm17be - Slides

By nuturing the next generation of Magento developers we won't just be improving their skill sets, but providing a wider pool of talent. This will benefit and strengthen the entire Magento ecosystem, from agencies / partners all the way through to merchants.


Who is it for?

What content will it offer?

Final content and structure is still being worked on, but below is an early overview of what will be provided:

We are aiming to share an outline of the proposed content sections shortly as well as some example content. If you want keep updated then sign up for our newsletter or follow our Twitter account

Who is behind Mage Quest?

Mage Quest is the brainchild of John Hughes, Technical Director at Fisheye Media Ltd. (a Magento Solutions Partner based in the UK):

"Working at a Magento specialist agency in a rural location leads to major challenges when it comes to recruitment so training up developers with no prior Magento knowledge (including graduates and apprentices) is generally the only viable option."

"This along with the growth of the Magento 2 ecosystem, a desire to give something back to this great community that has helped me progress so much and seeing many people new to Magento looking for help led to the concept of Mage Quest being born."

"I hope that my experience scoping, developing and delivering complex projects on both Magento 1 and 2 as well as training up staff internally over the past 5+ years have given me insight in to what I believe are the key ingredients required to getting developers started on Magento 2."

When will it be available?

As of now, no timescales have been set as there too much planning to get through first, as well as the day job!

However, the rollout is likely to be split into the following phases:

...and yes we're aware this a large undertaking! It will take some time to get everything ready and we'll also be looking for feedback from the community as well as sharing progress on how everything is going.

How much does it cost?

For now it will be 100% free - at it's heart Mage Quest is by the community, for the community

However, in future certain content or features may require a small fee to unlock - likely advanced topics or premium account features only

We pledge to never charge for any content originally offered for free and if any costs are introduced for new content / features we will aim to ensure they are at a reasonable price point so they can be affordable to all (i.e. not just agencies)

Can I be involved / offer support?

Honestly, at this point we don't know, we're just starting out and still have so many decisions to make.

However, if you want to reach out we'd be flattered and you can email us at hello@magequest.io.

Otherwise, please sign up to the newsletter or follow our Twitter account and we'll keep you posted on updates. There will likely also be plenty of chance to feedback, review content and help shape the initial version of Mage Quest.

How does it differ to:

Just in case you're still skeptical of Mage Quest's vision / purpose here's a brief comparison to other pre-existing learning resources in the Magento 2 ecosystem. It's also worth clarifying we want to compliment and support everyone else in the community, not compete.

Magento DevDocs

Mage2 TV

Video content / blog posts

If you want some great online resources that are currently available we can highly recommend the following:


If you are after books that are currently available we can highly recommend the following:

Onsite / offsite / online training

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