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How Does It Work?


Realms are the main categorisation of content on MageQuest.

These are the high-level areas (or topics) that group multiple articles (known as 'quests') on the current subject together.

A few examples of Realms include:

  • Fundamentals - Introduction to Magento 2
  • Layout & Blocks - everything about Magento 2's frontend layout system and the blocks that it is made up of
  • Routing & Controllers - how Magento's routing system works and how to add custom pages
  • Data & Models - everything to do with persisting (storing) data in the database and retrieving it


Quests are individual articles or lessons that make up the entire learning experience of MageQuest.

Each quest is focused on a singular, specific and concise (short) topic that should easily be able to be completed in a single session of learning (< 30 minutes).

Each quest is broken down into the following areas (which make up the main parts of the page):

  • Story - contains the overview of the topic and explains the concepts in detail - the 'main lesson'
  • Mission - walks you through a step by step exercise of building a real-world code example based on the concepts learnt from the 'Story'. A finished, working example is also provided for reference (hosted on Github)
  • Trial - a selection of multiple-choice questions to test the knowledge you've learnt from the 'Story' and 'Quest' that provides graded scores and feedback on answers
  • Journal - a list of useful links for the topic, including the code example on GitHub and other resources (such as Magento's DevDocs or other community articles)

Quest Meta

Each quest has the following additional meta-information (displayed at the top of each page under the main title).


To help you determine whether the current quest is suitable for your Magento experience level:

  • Apprentice - beginner / entry-level - suitable for all
  • Warrior - mid-level - suitable for those who have decent experience of Magento 2 or have covered similar topics at apprentice level and are comfortable with the contents
  • Master - advanced-level - topics that dive deep into the Magento 2 codebase and maybe niche (uncommon) areas and/or highly involved and require a large amount of pre-existing knowledge in that area

Last Updated

This purely tells you when we last updated the quest content - helpful to identify if content is recent or may potentially be outdated (though we'll be aiming to keep everything as up to date as possible!)

Magento Versions

This will notify you which versions of Magento the topic (and code examples) was written for.

This will only cover major versions e.g. 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 2.4 etc.

Given MageQuest launched in 2019 when 2.3 was the latest major released version, don't expect to see any quests that support Magento 2.2 and under.

Code Example Versioning

Whilst we want to provide code examples that support as many versions as possible, it will not be feasible to support/test across all relevant Magento versions. As we add more code examples across the site we will consider how to reflect this within each quest and the linked GitHub repository.


This a future planned section. This area will likely be nothing more than further categorisation for existing quests but tailored to help you revise for the available Magento 2 certifications provided by Magento U.