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Magento Modes

June 30, 2019

Magento 2 has three modes which the software can be run in that affect the performance and how you can interact with the software:

  • Default
  • Developer
  • Production
Maintenance Mode

There is also a 'maintenance mode' in Magento 2, which is different from the other modes in that it is only set temporarily (normally during deployment). This mode displays an 'error' page and limits user access to the site. We'll cover this further in a future topic.

Production Performance

As its name suggest this is the mode Magento 2 should be run in when a site is production (running on a live environment / server).

Developer Delight

Again, as its name suggests, developer mode is optimised for development, trading the performance benefits seen in production mode for the ability to easily and quickly see changes made within the codebase.

Don't be a default!

Default mode, as its name suggests, is the default mode enabled whenever you setup a new instance of the Magento 2 software.

It's neither optimal for developer or production and it's purpose is to facilitate DIY merchants and shared hosting environments / one-click-installs.

Don't use!

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